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Welcome to Betuwe Kers 

In the middle of the Netherlands you find ‘de Betuwe’. A region that has been famous for its fruit for hundreds of years. Due to the climate and soil of de Betuwe, this region is perfect for growing various types of fruit, including the cherry. In June, July and August people from all parts of the Netherlands visit de Betuwe especially for those cherries. But they are not just known by Dutch people. During the cherry season many tourists from abroad visit our place to taste and buy the best cherries from the country!


As said, de Betuwe is the perfect place to grow cherries, but the cherry trees have been gone for several decades. From the early 1950’s all the original trees were harvested because they weren’t profitable enough. Back then you only had the so called ‘tall-stemmed trees’ which were very labor-intensive. Luckily some people found a solution for this problem in the early 90’s: low-stemmed trees. Those cherry trees are less labor-intensive, produce more fruit in a shorter period of time and can easily be protected from bad weather and birds.

Aart Blom saw an opportunity and started the company ‘Betuwe Kers’, as a part of his fruit company Fruitpartners Blom. And it worked out pretty well! The orchard of Betuwe Kers –Boomgaard d’n Kerkewaerdt – is perfectly situated in Wadenoijen: a small village close to the highway (A15). Next to the orchard is a beautiful shop in which we sell many pounds of delicious cherries during June, July and August. But there’s more! You can also buy other varieties of fruit and local products such as juice and jelly.

The Cherry Experience

Which cherries taste the best? Obviously, the cherries you picked yourself! Would you like to try it out? It’s possible in Boomgaard d’n Kerkewaerdt. Picking your own cherries is possible in a separate part of the orchard. You grab a basket, pick as many cherries as you want and afterwards you pay for them at the cash desk. By hearing so many enthusiastic responses, we can say that picking cherries by yourself is a worth a try!

If you would like to spend some time in the orchard and learn more about growing cherries, it is possible to book a special arrangement in June, July or August. Choose for example the arrangement ‘Duo Kers’. By arrival Betuwe Kers offers cherry pastry for the whole group, you will be guided through the orchard in a small train, you play an auction game and you can pick cherries by yourself.

Cherry Festivals 2020

Every day is great fun at Boomgaard d’n Kerkewaerdt, but the ‘Betuwse Open Kersendagen’ are the highlight of the cherry season. This event takes places in the first weekend of July. During this weekend there are many musical performances and various activities in the orchard. Furthermore, there is a large local market and you can, of course, taste and buy cherries. Due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) the Betuwse Open Kersendagen 2020 are cancelled. We hope to see you there next year. 

Because of the many Chinese tourists that visit our orchard, Betuwe Kers had plans to organize the China Cherry Festival from this year on. But due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) the China Cherry Festival 2020 is cancelled. We hope to see you there next year. 

Tiel City of Fruit & Flipje

Anyone visiting Boomgaard d’n Kerkewaerdt will see Flipje. Flipje is the mascot of jam factory “De Betuwe” and therefore mascot of Betuwe Kers. If you visit the cherry festival in July, you can even meet Flipje in real life and take a picture with him. Flipje also has its own statue in the city center of Tiel.

Tiel is the capital of de Betuwe, which is why the city is also known as Tiel City of Fruit. Besides Flipje, Tiel organizes annually Appelpop, the biggest free pop festival of the Netherlands (11 and 12 September), and a fruit parade called Fruitcorso. For this fruit parade people from Tiel and the surrounding villages decorate floats with fruit and vegetables. On Saturday 19 September these floats make their way through Tiel.

Tiel is really close to Boomgaard d’n Kerkewaerdt. Therefore, a visit to the orchard can easily be combined with a visit to the City of Fruit. Click here for more information.

Betuwse Open Kersendagen